NFPA 2113 - What you need to know about our products

This article applies to Ironwear products that meet NFPA 2113. This includes:

Donning & Doffing Procedures
Please put on garments and take of garments in a safe manner.
Inspection Frequency & Details
Please inspect garments for holes and cuts prior to wearing. If any holes found, please throw away garment.
Maintenance & Methods of Repair Where Applicable
If cuts or holes are found in the garments, please destroy the garment and do not repair on your own.
Marking Recommendations & Restrictions
Do not write on the clothing labels preventing reading of any printed information.
Proper Use Consistent With NFPA 2113
Please do not wear or use garments in any other manner in which they are intended for.
Recommended Storage Practices
Store in temperature ranges of 40° to 95° Fahrenheit.
Warranty Information
Ironwear guarantees all products to be free of defects upon purchase and can be returned for full credit if any defects are found.
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