NFPA 2112-2023 | What you need to know about our products

This article applies to Ironwear products that meet NFPA 2112-2023. This includes:

Care Instructions
Machine wash at 140 degrees F and tumble dry at 160 degrees F. When washing do not use chlorine bleach, starch, fabric softeners, or any products containing hydrogen peroxide, failure to launder properly could affect the flame resistance of the fabric.
Donning & Doffing Procedures
Please put on garments and take of garments in a safe manner.
Inspection Frequency & Details
Please inspect garments for holes and cuts prior to wearing. If any holes found, please throw away garment.
Limitations of Use
Intended to be worn as flame resistant clothing for protection against short-duration thermal exposure from fire.
Maintenance & Methods of Repair Where Applicable
If cuts or holes are found in the garments, please destroy the garment and do not repair on your own.
Marking Recommendations & Restrictions
Do not write on the clothing labels preventing reading of any printed information.
Proper Use Consistent With NFPA 2112-2023
Please do not wear or use garments in any other manner in which they are intended for.
Recommended Storage Practices
Store in temperature ranges of 40° to 95° Fahrenheit.
Retirement and Disposal Criteria
Stop wearing garment. Dispose of old garment in trash.
Safety Considerations
This garment is certified to be flame resistant for protection of industrial personnel against short duration thermal exposures from fire.
Warranty Information
Ironwear guarantees all products to be free of defects upon purchase and can be returned for full credit if any defects are found.
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